Saturday, October 6, 2012

DAP Ceramah Ipoh - Douglas Tan

Wow, that was a brilliant experience. Here's the video along with the full transcript of the speech. Enjoy!

Allow me to share with you a dream, a vision of the future. I want this country to prosper. I want this country to be healed after years of pilferage, greed, lies, and corruption. I want the new generation to know that they have a hope and a future. I want to build a nation strong, and proud, irrespective of race, language or religion, where the power has returned to the people. Where the government stops dictating and starts listening. Where ministers start to serve instead of being served. Where the people can dare to dream and take control of their own destinies. This is the Malaysia we hope for, we pray for and that we can achieve!
I will always be thankful that I come from a good family. My grandfather worked hard to support his family and eventually built a business empire. I received the opportunity to study overseas and eventually received my law degree from the University of Nottingham. I am your average "banana” you know, yellow outside but white inside. So I ask for your forgiveness if my Chinese sounds a bit funny!
My inspiration comes from my grandfather. Dato' Tan Kim Hor truly had a heart for the community and for opportunities to be given to the less privileged. So in the 1950s he joined the MCA, and using that platform he built 4 Chinese schools in Kepong and Jinjang using his own money. Of course in typical MCA fashion, the party took the credit for his work. But ah kong didn't care. His heart was for the community. Today he continues to be the MCA chairman for Kepong and Jingang in Kuala Lumpur. 

 So why do I stand in front of you today under the DAP flag? It's because the MCA has failed the Chinese community. They sold out their integrity along with the MIC to Umno. The MCA claims to represent the Chinese community but that's not true. They serve their own interests. The same is true for the MIC and of course for Umno. They don't care about anyone else except their own rice bowl. We see this year’s budget. Another big joke! Do they really think that just because they give out RM250 for smartphones and another round of BR1M that makes up for 55 years of mismanagement? They must be joking! To make things worse we have the largest budget deficit in the history of this nation. They underestimate the Malaysian people. We don't fall for those tricks anymore. They have blinded us for years, but now we are wiser and smarter. The Rakyat has woken up and come GE13, Barisan Nasional will be booted out of Putrajaya!

 To get an idea as to how corruption has robbed our nation, let me share with you a joke. There was a tender to build a bridge and there were three parties to come and tender, a Korean company, an American company and an Umno crony. The Korean company says, we bid RM300m, RM100m for design, RM100m for material and RM100m for profit. The American company bids and says, we bid RM600m, RM200m for design, RM200m for material and RM200m for profit. Then the Umno crony comes in, and he says. We bid RM900m. The Minister is shocked. Wow! How come so much? The crony says, relax la brother! RM300m for you and RM300m for me, and we get the Korean to build the bridge!
 We laugh, but the corruption is real! RM20k for a laptop and RM6k for a set of tools? They must be awesome! We also have submarines, diamond rings and cows! We laugh but are you not angry that they have stolen our money for all of this? We should be angry. I'm angry! When I was in Sarawak, I saw so many people suffering and living in poverty. This wasnt even in a kampung but in Kuching! All around Malaysia we see this. From the Orang asli to the indian community, BN has failed but instead concentrates on robbing the country blind and blaming the opposition! This is completely unacceptable and so let us send a message loud and clear to them. Vote them out! 
Malaysia has fallen behind so many countries. In the 1980s, the Koreans uses to be the ones coming to malaysia to study our systems. We were the most advanced country in the Asian region. Now look at Korea. Hyundai started around the same time as Proton but Hyundai is now a global brand. And Proton? Where are they now? Nothing to say also. Malu to even compare. It's embarrassing! We are now behind Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia for Foreign Direct Investment and I believe if we don't change, Myanmar will also overtake us! 
 What kind of country do you want your children and children's children to grow up in? How many of your children are passionate about this country or desire to see change? I am not here to promise the moon and the stars. I am not here to say that I have the answers for all our nations problems. We have so much more to learn and to do. When the government works hand in hand with the people, that's where real change will happen. Look at Penang and Selangor. Even here in Perak, you have had a brief taste of a new beginning under a PR government. Let us have a government which is competent, accountable and transparent. I believe that true leadership is now how low people kowtow to you, but if you become the servant of all. 
If there is one thing I want to achieve through all of this is to help inspire the new generation to step up to the plate. I want to speak for all those who are unable or don't dare to speak up. We are building a nation for the next generations. Let us leave a legacy we can be proud of. Be a part of this change. Ubah Sekarang, Bersihkan Malaysia. Thank you so much and God bless! 谢谢大家! 

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  1. Congratulations and Heartiest Salutations Douglas Tan! Way to go, son! MY's New Generation of Brilliant, Young & Fearless New Team of Excellent Zero-Corruption Leaders!

    PR 2nd echelon of young blood is abundant & bountiful! The time has come to accept destiny's global phenomenon for CHANGE for the BETTER for our children's & the next generation's brighter future!

    Do NOT over-stay your welcome Umno-BN's 55 years of oppressive, dictatorial & tyranical EVIL racist regime! Just DISAPPEAR and STOP your Nonsensical Bull-Shitting the Rakyat! Enough is ENOUGH!

    Hidup PR! Hidup BERSIH! Hidup DAP!