Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We are driving towards somewhere nice (^^,)LOL~~

by Eunice Tan

"Malaysia adalah sebuah negara yang CUKUP indah, tetapi ada BANYAK masalah."
~Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah through "UNDILAH" video clip~

Though it may sound bitter, I have to agree with the statement at this stage. This essay is my attempt to summarise "Masalah Malaysia" + possible solutions to curb the masalah, based on the car analogy. It is hoped that in the end this essay may inspire us to become MORE aware of our role(s) and hence, focus on our role(s) to help the car to be driven towards somewhere nice? :)

Let's first see how "check and balance" system should work in Malaysia, which can be illustrated through the car analogy. 
(google image "check and balance" as reference to what I am talking about) 

Our country = car
The national policies = roadmap
legislative branch = those sitting at the 2 front seats of the car (ie BN and PR)
executive branch = wheels and engine 
judiciary branch = petrol

I hope we all are clear with the car analogy? 

Good. :)

Then let's move on to the identify "Masalah Malaysia" + possible solutions for each masalah.

Masalah #1:
Instead of making the existence of PR to strengthen the legislative branch, some people make it something to weaken the legislative branch. The one in the driver seat is supposed to focus on driving the car but instead, wasting so much time quarreling and belittling the one sitting next to him, falling asleep or doing anything which can distract himself from focusing. The one sitting next to the driver on the other hand just like to indulge in distracting the driver by whining, criticising and complaining so much about when is his turn to take over the driver seat. Has he forgotten that without a clear roadmap, it's very likely for him to drive the car towards a dead end if he were to be in the driver seat? Or perhaps both sitting at the front seats have forgotten that: the only reason they can sit at the front seats is because of the existence of every component of the car, AS WELL AS the passengers?

BN and PR have to realise that regardless who is in the driver seat, they are BOTH sitting at the front seats of the car - they are the ones in the car who are in the best position to see the road ahead. The one in the driver seat should just focus on driving and improving his driving skill + roadmap from time to time. The one sitting next to the driver, should just focus on looking at the road ahead, study the roadmap and come out with a better one if he can. He has to realise that he will sure get his turn to be in the driver seat, when the passengers feel that the current driver is not doing his job properly, AND that they feel that the he has at least mastered the existing roadmap. 

Regardless of who's in the driver seat, can't these 2 work hand-in-hand if they really have the heart to bring the car to somewhere nice? (",)

Masalah #2:
The wheels and engine used are not being properly maintained, while the company supplying petrol to the car can't seem to keep up with their quality. Worse still, both the driver and the one sitting next to him are too "BUSY" to check on the engine, wheels and the petrol used. Also, the driver seems to prefer petrol, engine and wheels which are expensive but with doubtful quality. But we can't blame those who are in charge to maintain the petrol, engine and wheels, can we? When there're no better resources, when the workers working to maintain the quality of engine, wheels and petrol are not doing their job based on work ethics, how can we expect the car to have good petrol, engine and wheels? 

BOTH sitting at the front seats of the car should be more alert and diligent to check on the car's wheels, engine and petrol company from time to time. The passengers should feedback and suggest ways to improve the performance of the wheels, engine and petrol from time to time. To the ones who are in charge to maintain the quality of engine, wheels and petrol: Just be more diligent and do your job based on work ethics even if people have no time to check on you la ya? =)

Masalah #3:
The passengers in the car either pour too much emotions on the issues which can distract the driver, or don't care to alert those who are sitting at the front seats at all even if they notice something's wrong with the car (or is it because the driver refuses to listen because he thinks he knows best?). While some on the other hand, are just too vulnerable to notice what's happening because their presence have been ignored and taken for granted for too long......

We need more passengers who are alert of threats and care about where the car is heading. If they wanna stay in the car, ideally they should just keep quiet - haha, applicable if and ONLY if the car is in good condition and is on the right track. If they think they wanna do something to empower both who are sitting at the front seats, make sure they do it without creating chaos in the car. While on the other hand, the driver has to be more open to feedbacks from the passengers and solve any problems promptly according to right priority.

The passengers of the car should be more accepting of one another. They should mutually respect one another regardless of their difference in race, religion, socioeconomic background, opinion and personality. Difference is something to be celebrated, not a factor to segregate! They should also be more aware of one another's well-being, help and support those who are in vulnerable and deprieved state, especially those who are still tinggal atas pokok/dalam gua.......

Sometimes, we will have a bunch of passengers who are just uncomfortable or feel wasted to be in the car. Instead of forcing them to stay in the car, why not they be given more freedom to get down from the car so that they can involve themselves in grassroots movements, NGO, charity bodies, which can act as the insurance, lubricant for the engine, any other maintenance work for the car. And if they want to, they can also involve themselves in building good roads, road lights and bridges for the car. Of course, they have to be reminded that the only reason they get off the car is to further help maintaining the performance of the car and protect the car from any external threats. 

Now here comes another problem:
Should we let too many passengers get off the car, especially when they are getting off to board onto another car(s)?

Before we label those who opt to migrate to other countries as "irresponsible and unpatriotic traitors", let's consider the following:

Would you prefer a Malaysian who is working
a) in a company located in a FOREIGN country which can help improve Malaysia's reputation/economy (especially a company which has links to Malaysia)


b) IN Malaysia but in fields which can jeopardise Malaysia's reputation/economy (eg spies to sell Malaysia military top secret to other countries)? 

We need passengers who can go out there and exchange ideas with passengers in other cars about ideas to improve our car, right?
We also need passengers who can go out there and promote the beauty of our car to passengers from other cars to form friendship and collaboration, right? =)

Yes! You and I have role(s) to play! It doesn't matter if we choose to be in part of the front seats, the engine, the wheel, the petrol, the lubricant, the road builder or just a passenger. The point is: we must work towards bringing the car to somewhere nice. 


Wait a minute!

Are we supposed to be that naive to think that there won't be other cars on the road which we are driving on?

Yeap, you are right. What we are facing is actually THIS:


So I hope all of us here are MORE aware of our role(s) by now?  =)

Together, let's help the car to be driven towards somewhere really nice. (^^,)LOL~~ 

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