Monday, March 5, 2012

Daphne Iking to Douglas six degrees of separation

by Helen Ang
One of Lim Guan Eng’s fanboys has responded to this blog. But before I reply him, some illustrations.
Nor Aliah Lee
Below is actress Nor Aliah Lee, pictured with her ex-husband, the famous film director Aziz M. Osman in March 2008. They divorced in May 2007. During their marriage, the Chinese convert (formerly Vianney Anastasia Lee) wore tudung.
As can be seen in the mStar red dress photo, she took off the tudung after her divorce. TheNona magazine cover of December 2011 credits her as Datin Nor Aliah Lee now, and the tudung is back on.
Another convert celebrity is Daphne Iking, now Dahlia after her second marriage. From the poster (left), it appears that she’ll be in Kota Bharu next month speaking at an event moderated by Ustaz Amin Idris of the Islamic TV channel al-Hijrah.
Malaysians adapt. DAP 2.0 clearly and most quickly adapted post GE12.
A disclaimer is necessary here: It’s not my hair and it’s not my religion. I’m not judgmental either way whether a Muslim woman wears tudung or not. Up to her lah and I can respect an individual’s personal choice.
But we shouldn’t try to bury history and the fact that most locals didn’t used to wear tudung litup. Think of all the various traditional art forms and the Malay women who danced them through the ages.
Like Ridhuan Tee who's more Melayu than the born Melayu
In Malaysia, because appearances (religious garb) can lend a positive impression, some DAP politicians are hijacking religion and what’s worse, the religion is not even theirs.
Worst of all, most recently at the Feb 18 grand debate, the DAPpers claimed that Chua Soi Lok is disrespectful of Islam. They said this in order to score brownie points with the Malay electorate. Yet these are the same people who refuse to respect the essence of Allah.
Below is a screenshot of the letter to the editor written by Douglas Tan – one of Guan Eng’s chiefest cheerleaders in cyberspace.
It was published in Malaysiakini today under the title ‘Not anti-government, but pro rakyat‘. The same article also appears in his blog as well as in the other usual opposition watering holes like Malaysia Chronicle where he is a columnist, I should expect.
My posting which Douglas declares he finds “generally offensive” is this one — ‘Jangan biar Umno sampai jadi macam DAP.
He alleges that I “condemned” him for his Christian faith. You can read for yourself(click above) as to whether his accusation contains any merit.
Whatever I’ve written that alludes to the DAP evangelists and their online flagbearers – such as Thomas Lee who’s the Penang government media consultant and Jackson Ng, an alumnus of a Penang La Salle mission school – is in the context of how their party is exploiting the Christian vote.
And secondly, how some evangelist politicians and their followers have a moral superiority complex and are too fond of casting stones at perceived sinners, especially the MCA president. Portraying the other side as morally inferior has become a leitmotif of their political vocabulary.
The upshot is that Christianity is being made to play a political role for DAP today just as Islam has done for PAS.

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