Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A good whacking for MCA, its leaders

A highly complimentary and encouraging letter from a retired journalist published on Free Malaysia Today. It is fantastic to be praised especially by a respected member of the journalistic community, and he also deserves recognition for all his contributions to the media world.

Thank you Jackson Ng for your kind words!

A good whacking for MCA, its leaders

November 21, 2011
From Jackson Ng, via e-mail
As a retired journalist, I found it a pleasure to be given the opportunity to read FMT columnist Douglas Tan’s piece titled “Empty vessels make the most noise”.
After some 30 years of writing and editing in the print media, I must say it is one political analysis that is of quality that I have read in a very, very long time.
It is crispy and straight to the point, devoid of rhetoric.
Yes. I totally agree with Douglas that (I add: most) of the MCA leaders are gutless con artists pandering to the demands of Umno just to ensure that they still get a slice of the pie.
In the first place, how do you expect a scandal-tainted and shameless MCA president like Chua Soi Lek to really represent the Chinese community and look after our interests.
The moment he and his other cronies raise a legitimate issue against an Umno leader, like the cowgate fiasco, the police or MACC files will be opened to put them where they belong.
Isn’t this simple enough for the majority of Malaysians to understand why the Barisan Nasional (BN) component party leaders are political eunuchs?
The digital era has transformed the environment into a borderless information world.
The problem with BN leaders is identical to dinosaurs that once ruled the planets. They refused to evolve, adapt and change with the times.
They continue to take the people for granted, ever assuming the majority of Malaysians are fools and lack intelligence.
They have acquired this syndrome because of more than 50 years of rule without real and effective opposition.
Winning two-thirds of the majority in Parliament in 11 consecutive general elections have given them a blind sense of power over the people.
Their stubbornness, as reflected in their continuous use of irrelevant religious and race issues, is hastening the end of their political life.
In this digital world, the people are much more informed and thus, are able to rationalise and judge better for themselves. One cannot continue to just preach but not deliver.
Former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is a case in point. You must really walk the talk or heed what Douglas had started off in his analysis with the adage: Silence is golden.
If you cannot walk the talk, just don’t open your mouth. Speak only when you are prepared to walk the talk.
However, circumstances are such that tainted politicians are politically crippled and can never deliver or walk the talk.The moment they do that, they end up in prison bars.
So, Malaysians, please wise up against the champion pretenders before it is too late.


  1. What a miracle! After 54 years of kowtow-ing to their political masters & GODS (UMNO), suddenly MCA wants to be a champion for Chinese rights?

    Do you think that the TAR college/university would even exist today if not for the opposition party DAP's relentless pressure to expose the ruling elites' pilferage and plunder of the nation's wealth?

    The UMNO-BN's propaganda of divide and rule, racial-discrimination and racial-polarisation, (oppressive, dictatotial and tyranical evil-despotic regime was the major factor for the big brain-drain since the 1970's.

    This is the tax-payer's money, the Rakyat's money taxed and paid in the form of Cukai Pintu, Cukai Tanah, all sorts of licences, and other various taxes, that they have been paying for all these past 54 years?

    Do not even begin to start on the subject of all the previous former MCA president's scandals and cases of systemic and syndicated corruption!

    Do not ever forget all their sins and the gross injustice that these bastards have done upon the poor people!

    Remember well the Tsunami of GE-12, when the people woke-up! Power to the People! Support ABU (Anything But UMNO) Vote for Pakatan Rakyat-New Dawn for Malaysia!



  2. MCA: A gallery of rogues — Lucius Goon

    December 14, 2011DEC 14 — I read with amusement the account of Dr Ling Liong Sik’s trial yesterday. His lawyer argued that the former MCA president did not mislead the Cabinet over the inflated cost of acquiring land for the PKFZ because at all relevant times he was briefed by his ministry officials and did not conceal any documents from the Cabinet.

    Dr Ling’s lawyer also said that at relevant time in question of the charge against his client, Ong Ka Ting was the minister of transport.

    You know what? I think many Malaysians expect Dr Ling to walk because the prosecution’s case against him has been a joke. They have not been able to make even major points of the charges of misleading and cheating stick.

    We also have grown tired of so-called “big fish” being hauled to court for corruption and then only to see it end in acquittal. Witness the trials of Eric Chia, Kasitah Gaddam and others.

    But let us not get distracted here because, till today, no one is talking about how the billions of taxpayers’ money can be recovered.

    It is also important for us to remember these names and join the dots. Dr Ling Liong Sik, Chan Kong Choy, Ting Chiew Peh, Chor Chee Heung, Ong Ka Ting, Wee Ka Siong...

    All these are senior MCA politicians whose names have been linked to the PKFZ scandal, the mother of all scandals in Malaysia.

    In short, the political party that says it has our interest at heart has been at the centre of the biggest rip-off in Malaysian history.

    This same political party now is trying to scare us about PAS, DAP and hudud laws.

    Just imagine the temerity of Dr Chua Soi Lek and friends. The MCA have been at the centre of the biggest scandal of all time and they want us to support them.

    The party of rascals and scoundrels may not have to face justice in the Malaysian court system but we the voters must mete out our justice at the ballot box.

    Would you allow thieves to go unpunished after they have emptied your house and you know their identities?

    * Lucius Goon reads The Malaysian Insider.

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